Week 7

20 Dec

Happy Christmas from the 25 Things Team!

We have designated the next two weeks, ‘Play Weeks’ for all 25 Thingers. We hope this will give you chance to catch up if you need to, but we also have two things to keep you busy!

21st Thing – MyExperiment or arts-humanities.net

We have two options for you this week both JISC funded projects. You can either check out myExperiment.org if you are science, technology or social science based, or arts-humanities.net if your research is in these areas. You may want to look at both!



The myExperiment Virtual Research Environment was launched in November 2007 and is brought to you by the Universities of Southampton, Manchester and Oxford. It enables researchers to share digital items associated with your research, in particular it enables you to share and execute scientific workflows. It is used by 3,000 members ranging from life sciences and chemistry to social statistics and music information retrieval.

Take a look at this video which explains more about the project:

Step 1:
Have a look around the myExperiment site, you can register and search for groups or people in your research area.

Step 2:
Blog about what you found, will you use this for your research? Will you create your own group?


arts-humanities.net: guide to digital humanities & arts

Another project, this time supported by the JISC, the Arts and Humanities Funding Council and Kings College, arts-humanities.net supports research in the supports and advances the use and understanding of digital tools and methods for research and teaching in the arts and humanities.

Step 1:
Have a look around the arts-humanities.net site. Anyone can join, as a member you are encouraged to contribute information about your projects, tools and research, to publicise events and conferences, and to take part in and set up discussion forums register and search for groups or people in your research area.

Step 2:
Blog about what you found, will you use this for your research? Will you create your own group?


22nd Thing – Wikipedia

You either love it or loath it, but we admit that we use it all the time! Wikipedia is often the first place people look for information.

No matter what your view on Wikipedia is, watch this short film to see just how useful wikis can be…

Step 1:
Search Wikipedia for a research topic that interests you. Write about it in your blog; is it accurate, does Wikipedia flag it as not citing any references or sources? Be sure to click on the discussion tab on the article to see what people are saying about it.

Step 2:
If you have found an entry that does not cite any references or sources, why not create an account with Wikipedia and improve the entry using your research knowledge. Or why not write your own entry? Don’t forget to blog about it!

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One Response to “Week 7”

  1. Graham December 20, 2010 at 12:47 pm #


    you’ll have noticed we have a slight problem this week in that the content has gone astray!

    Personally, we blame the cold weather – but don’t go away as we have a special Christmas week for you!


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